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CrossFit workout Programs

Typically in Crossfit Endurance we have triathletes work up to a weekly schedule that includes the following: 4 days of Crossfit training, 3 strength-training days and 2 days each of sport-specific training for swimming, biking and running.

The following program is scaled down to more of a starter program. Each week will include the following: 3 days of strength, 3 days of Crossfit and 3 days of sport-specific training.

Runners, Cyclists & Swimmers

This is also a starter schedule. Ideally my athletes will work up toward an additional 1 to 3 more days of Crossfit workouts per week. This is where we see the greatest gains in performance.

Technique is critical to all the exercises listed! I highly recommend finding a Crossfit gym ( and/or Crossfit Endurance program ( and look into coaching and classes to help you nail down technique and midline stability. Technique and sound fundamentals are key to preventing injury and gaining all the performance potential out of the Crossfit Endurance program.


1. 8 x 200m with 2 min rest = 8 rounds of 200m repeats with 2 minutes rest between each 200m. The repeats are to be held as tightly as possible, meaning as little deviation as possible or on the prescribed times.
2. TT = Time Trial
3. 85% = 85% effort/time of distance asked. So if it is a 5K and your best time is 20 minutes, 85% of that effort would be 23 min (20 x .15 = 23.15 being 15% of 100 or 85%). Coming as close to 23 min would be the goal.

1. < 10 min WOD = less than 10 minute Workout of the Day
2. > 10 min WOD = greater than 10 min Workout of the Day
3. M = mono-structural metabolic conditioning or “cardio”
4. G = gymnastics, bodyweight exercises
5. W = weightlifting, powerlifting and Olympic lifts

1. ME: Max Effort, from warm up to 2-3 rep max effort should take between 10-15 sets total
2. DE: Dynamic Effort, after warm up reaching 50-60% of Max Effort weight, 1-3 reps at desired weight on specific recovery or time basis. Effort is to remain under .75 second for contraction phase. If you cannot maintain speed of the bar, weight should drop until proper speed is achieved or workout is over.

How CrossFit Works
There are 3 buckets of CrossFit content as listed below. Mix these in as many different ways as possible. Keeping in mind that routine is the enemy, and if you are following this program you will need to keep in mind that if there are two ME days for strength then there will be < 10 min WODs that are M/W specific.

  • Metabolic Conditioning (M)
  • Running
  • Bike
  • Row
  • Jump
  • Bodyweight Movements(become proficient here before lifting weights!)
  • Air Squat
  • Pull-up
  • Push-up
  • Dip
  • Handstand Push-up
  • Rope Climb
  • Muscle-Up
  • Press to Handstand
  • Back Extension
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    Crossfit Workout of the Day 270413
    Crossfit Workout of the Day 270413
    CrossFit - Heavy Bench, Heavy Lunge Workout with Rob Orlando
    CrossFit - "Heavy Bench, Heavy Lunge Workout" with Rob Orlando
    CrossFit Workout and Powerlifting Strength Programs
    CrossFit Workout and Powerlifting Strength Programs ...

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