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Simply put there is no one "best" circuit workout. Like with all types of training, what is "best" will depend on the individual and their goals. Here are some examples of what may be the best way to train depending on your goals.

Goal 1: Body Composition/Bodybuilding.

Circuit training form the basis of many popular training programs designed to burn fat by lifting weights and without cardio. The high energy expenditure is usually the reason for performing these routines, however it is also been suggested this type of training increases growth hormone production, which leads to greater fat loss.

For this reason this type of circuit training is often referred to 'Lactic Acid Interval Training.' A large number of experts believe cardio is detrimental for achieving the best body possible as it lowers testosterone, increases cortisol and eats muscle. To combat this circuit training is used to get lean without the cardio.

The Most Popular Examples Of This Method Include:

These programs all basically consist of performing exercises in a circuit fashion, usually alternating between upper body and lower body, with higher reps used to increase the lactic acid production.

While the theory behind these methods is often debated, one thing is certain, they do work! Anecdotal feedback is that when combined with a good diet, these routines produced as good results as any other cutting protocols.

An Example Routine:

This is a basic variation on this type of training (similar to Meltdown Training). There are many more advanced methods; however this is a good place to start for those who are just beginning.

Monday & Thursday

*No Rest between exercises and 2 minutes rest between circuits.
**Complete in order and then repeat two times.

Tuesday & Saturday

*No rest between exercises and 2 minutes rest between circuits.
**Complete in order and then repeat two times.

This is just an example of a beginner's program that can be successful. Training this way is usually a complete system. By that I mean you would use circuit training for your whole week. The other methods I mention you might use for 1 day of a week as an extra workout etc. For more advanced training check out the programs mentioned above.

Goal 2: Athletic Performance.

This type of circuit training is a personal favorite of mine and is aimed at those who need the conditioning element included as well as strength.

Strength and Conditioning expert Jason Weber coined the term 'Fusion Training' for this method as it fuses together strength and conditioning. Essentially, Fusion Training uses interval based fitness work and combines it with strength/hypertrophy work.

Training this way improves fitness levels, reduces body fat and trains the body to compete under varying conditions. For example alternating between running and bench presses changes physiological conditions quickly. For example blood pressure will alternate between high and low.

Here is an example similar to what Weber suggests in his book "Train Tough":

  • A) Rowing ergometer or a piece of equipment: 2x2 mins, 1 min rest in between sets
  • C) Rowing ergometer or a piece of equipment: 2x2 mins, 1 min rest in between sets
  • E) Rowing ergometer or a piece of equipment: 2x2 mins, 1 min rest in between sets

*Always try to row further on each set than the last. It's hard but that should be the goal.

What Is An Ergometer?
An instrument for measuring the amount of work done by a muscle or group of muscles.

This workout is focused more on the conditioning side of thing but can be modified to suit ones needs. As mentioned early these sessions can be added to a current program once or twice a week as a conditioning session. For example if a footballer/rugby player was using a modified Westside split it may look like this:

  • Mon: Lower Body Max Effort
  • Tues: Upper Body Effort
  • Wed: GPP
  • Thurs: Speed
  • Fri: 2nd upper body day
  • Sat: Fusion Training
  • Sun: Rest

Initially some might think the training methods shouldn't be combined and to an extent that is right. But Weber says that he envisaged this training being used by non-pro athletes who have other occurrences in their lives. That being said he still uses variations with professional and international rugby union players.

Circuit Training Fat Loss Workout
Circuit Training Fat Loss Workout
weight loss program | circuit training workouts | weight
weight loss program | circuit training workouts | weight ...
Circuit Training Workout
Circuit Training Workout

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